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Circle of Fifths

Circle of Fifths for iPhone and iPod touch.

Circle of Fifths software is your musical companion. It assists you in improvising, composing or studying tonal structures underlying Western music. With the Circle of Fifths you can quickly determine harmonious relationships in your favorite songs as well as in your own compositions.

This is how it works: simply move the rotating wheel in the desired position and read out the key with the correct accidental. The dominant, sub dominant and the parallel minor are being displayed immediately.

And the best of all: You can play the tones by pressing the appropriate play buttons. You may choose between 3 built-in instruments: piano, violin and guitar.

Are you looking for a specific tonality? In that case, it is much easier to know the number of accidentals for each key. And this is exactly what you can find by using the Circle of Fifths.

  • rotating, interactive and real-looking navigation wheel
  • 3 built-in instruments: piano, violin, guitar
  • audio playback for the tonic, dominant, sub dominant and the parallel minor
  • practical guide for composing and improvising
  • ideal for composers and music students
  • practical reference for your own instruments
  • provides simultaneous playback of multiple sounds

Circle of Fifths is also a mobile and interactive multimedia tool for harmony teaching and creativity promotion. Create your own harmonies and let yourself be enchanted by them.

Have fun making music.

Circle of Fifths - App Info

Tap into the App Store and download the Circle of Fifths directly to your iPhone or iPod touch.

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